Photoshoot - Behind the scenes of the "Pa´Mí" music video by Tomás Roca

Get an inside look at the process of making this professional music video, with a selection of images captured on-set, telling the story behind the scenes

: from the makeup artist to the producer, to the singer, to the technical crew, everyone is working together to create the perfect video. It's fascinating to see how each person contributes to the final product. Tomás Roca (@tomasrocamusic) is a young singer from Barcelona who combines Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes or C. Tangana songs with personal piano and voice interpretations of Radiohead or Elton John. He started his career posting song covers and versions, accumulating thousands of followers in social media. In 2019, he became the voice of iconic Young Simba in the new cinematic version of Disney classic "The Lion King". He has collaborated with artists like Belen Aguilera, Hibridoabraxas, Miki Santamaria, and Dani Trujillo. Working in collaboration with Valeria Appel, I produced a selection of behind the scenes stills, for the first single Pa´Mí music video (produced by @garagefilmsproduction & directed by @lauramartinova).

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